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a little about my heart..

I’m a wedding, elopement, couples, and family photographer based out of Toronto. I picked up my very first camera thanks to my dad when I was six and it’s pretty safe to say I've never put it back down. I studied abroad in university and I’ve loved traveling the world since then. Through the years, I’ve grown and evolved tremendously in my photography career developing a love for wedding photography.

Let me photograph you, BEING YOU! The in- between moments, the messiness, the realness! I am constantly inspired by the world around us and the people in it — and not just that, but the way people connect, where they come from, and the stories they live to tell. I love not only being able to capture and tell the stories of other people, but to also listen to them and gain a whole new perspective on their lives. The relationship between us doesn't stop and start behind my camera, safe to say we’re going to be friends! It's so important for me to get to know you on this journey together. I'm a big believer in fait and put my trust knowing that the universe made me to create art. To capture loving moments that will caring on forever, the ones your grandchildren will ask about.

It’s not just about pretty pictures and it’s not just a job, I love to create — let’s adventure and make magic together!


Q & A


What is your turnaround time?


Depends! Weddings are typically 8-12 weeks and engagements are typically 4-6 weeks. During the off-session it can be much quicker, though! Perfection takes time!


How many weddings do you shoot each year?


Right now I shoot around 20 weddings per year but will be accepting 25 for 2019 and 2020. I try to limit the amount of weddings I book so that we can give each of our couples the full attention they deserve!


Ekkk! We’re hella awkward in front of the camera…


I got your back! I make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. I try not to over-pose couples, but I will give tips and tricks while shooting to let the moments happen naturally. Best tip, if you focus on your loved one and being in the moment — the pictures will be magic.


Tell me more about your style.


My goal is to capture the feeling of the day, all the moments as they are. My style is moody, romantic, with a photojournalistic approach. I’m all about capturing candids, small details and big moments! I will mostly document your day rather than stage it, but don’t worry I got your back and do give you direction to make sure you look your best! I love natural light and will save the flash for party time. (unless needed throughout the day)


Do you travel?


Hell yes! I have my passport ready and will go anywhere for you. I offer some pretty sweet travel rates for destinations. Always down for an adventure, get in touch to find out more!




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