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Christina & Bobby

The fact that you are reading this review, means you already hit the jackpot because you found Jessica. After having many vendors for my wedding you easily begin to realize which ones truly care about your day. Unfortunately I was not happy with my wedding photos and was left pretty upset. I decided to do a 1 year anniversary shoot to make up for it and that’s when I found Jessica. She was informative, accommodating, honest, and so GENUINE. I loved talking to her about my ideas because you can tell she was just as excited with you. Her work and style speak for itself. So beautiful. Her photography really captured our personalities and with the additional editing she made it even better than I could imagine. She was also amazing at listening to any details I had that were important to me and delivered on them. I feel so blessed and lucky to have her capture my important memories and to just know her! I almost don’t want to share her! Thank you so much Jessica!

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